Eva Emmanyna - Wedding Dress

Client name: Eva Emmanyna
Profession: Actress, Content Creator and Content Editor 
Occasion: Wedding 
Garment type: Wedding Dress

Location: Malaysia

It fitted like a glove, with only 1 fitting. I am ready for my wedding take me to the hall now! Oh wait, I still need my make-up and hair done. hahaha - Eva Emmanyna


The brief (Phone Conversation):

Eva: Adam I am getting married. 

Adam: Ok! Congratulation! And then?

Eva: Can you design and make me a wedding dress? 

Adam: Of cause... Tell me what you have in mind? 

Eva: Hmm.... I want something..... Like game of throne costume. you know the drama with feather... maybe with wings.... but I also like the idea to have some Chinese elements inspired... 

Adam: Babe! that is a lot of elements in one dress.... And is a Malay wedding... so we need to stay loud but subtle... 

Eva: That's true.... hmmm.... But you know what I want right? 

Adam: Ok! Got it! I know what you want. Send you your design in 1 week. 

The presentation over what's app: 

Option 1: Name: New Chapter: Design inspiration based on Game of throne. White feather together with Greek statue drape on the true waistline to create a slimmer illusion. 

Option 2: Name: I am the Queen: Design inspiration is based on Game of thrones alongside Chinese influence. The silhouette of the dress is based on the empress of Wu Zetian (武則天). The long chiffon on the shoulder is designed based on the original idea of feather/wings from game of thrones. And of cause, ethnicity inspired fabric Songett as the highlight of the dress. Side green dangle on the waist as a symbol of love and harmony from the Chinese culture. 

Made to Measure. Custom Made. A Shirt by Adam Liew.

Option 2 Chosen 

First meet: Measurement: 30 minutes

Second meet: Fabric Hunting: 1 day 

1. Italian Duchess Satin 

2. Matching Songkett 

3. Chiffon 

The Production: 3 weeks 

Third meet: 1st Fitting: 1 day: Perfect Fit (No alteration and adjustment needed)

Made to Measure. Custom Made. A Shirt by Adam Liew

 Wedding Day! 

Made to Measure. Custom Made. A Shirt by Adam Liew.